What Will Happen If Trigger Finger is not Treated?

What Will Happen If Trigger Finger is not Treated?

Trigger finger, or stenosing tenosynovitis, is a condition where inflammation surrounds the tendon of a finger causing it to become stuck in a bent position. Women and people with diabetes are most commonly affected. Trigger finger is more a nuisance for people rather than a serious condition. Many people with trigger finger attempt to carry on with their daily activities without treatment for trigger finger. This is a mistake! While in most instances, people with this ailment are not at a risk of something more severe, the loss of range of motion can prove burdensome. If left untreated, the affected finger can become permanently bent! Here are some treatment options offered by Within Normal Limits merrick physical therapy for trigger fingers. 

 Medication & Therapy

Doctors often prescribe anti-inflammatory medication. They usually do so for reasons concerning pain because while inflammations cause trigger finger, medication is unlikely to relieve the specific inflammation causing the condition. Instead, doctors usually offer a combination of medication and therapy. Therapy will revolve around a regimen of stretching exercises to increase the mobility of the finger or affected tendon . Also, rest and use tools like a splint to further work on the tendon causing the condition.  

 Steroid Injection At Merrick Physical Therapy

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This is the most common form of treatment as steroid injections into the inflamed tendon work as a powerful anti-inflammatory. However, this treatment lasts only a year and may take multiple injections. 


For severe cases, surgery may be an option. Surgery is highly effective with low chances of recurrence after the procedure. The operation usually takes less than half an hour, and the patient can leave the hospital the same day and does not need to be fully put under anesthetic. The surgeon will insert the affected finger or thumb and cut the tendon to make space in the finger and reduce inflammation. The wound is then closed with stitches. 

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