What Is a Shoulder Sprain?

What Is a Shoulder Sprain?

A shoulder sprain is an injury to the ligaments of the shoulder. When someone experiences a “sprain shoulder”, it means that one or more of their ligaments has been torn, stretched, or sprained (a term meaning any harm to tissue). A sprained shoulder can happen during athletic activity. But most often occurs due to a fall on the shoulder, or a direct blow to the shoulder. If you’re dealing with a shoulder sprain visit Within Normal Limits Physical Therapy deer park ny today!Physical Therapy Deer Park NY

What Can I Do To Help My Injury?

There are multiple exercises that an individual with a shoulder sprain can perform in order for them to get back into shape and restore their range of motion quickly after an injury like this.

  • One such exercise, towel scapular retraction, can be performed with a towel and weights. This will allow you to begin performing scapular retraction exercises with minimal resistance at first, which is important for those who have just had an injury like this.
  • Another good exercise is towel scapular retraction with cross-body arm motion. This one will help increase strength in both your back and shoulders, which is great for someone who has had a shoulder sprain arm bone because it helps to restore the overall function of the shoulder girdle or scapula region, rotator cuff and shoulder blade.

Doing these exercises will help your shoulder feel more comfortable while you recover from shoulder sprains and strains. They can also allow for proper recovery of the tissue in the area. If you cannot perform these exercises without experiencing too much pain, or if the pain is too intense and lasts for more than a couple of days (especially if you cannot lift your outstretched arm), please seek medical help immediately.

Within Normal Limits Physical Therapy Deer Park NY

A shoulder sprain is a common injury in sports. This can happen when a person falls or experiences a direct hit to the area. If you have had a shoulder sprain before, you probably know how painful it can be. However, there are things that you can do in order to help with your pain. It starts with begin strengthening the muscles in your back and shoulder joint again. This can help with restoring range of motion. It can help your body recover from the trauma it has experienced with a shoulder sprain. Contact Within Normal Limits Physical Therapy Deer Park NY today!