Tips for a Successful Total Hip Replacement Recovery

Tips for a Successful Total Hip Replacement Recovery

Going through the recovery process of total hip replacement is not easy. There are a lot of different factors to consider for a successful recovery. The body is very delicate after an operation such as this one. Patience and care is essential. Within Normal Limits, physical therapy in manorville ny specializes in helping patients get back to their normal routine with extreme delicacy. Even with the special care we provide, many things must be done at home to ensure a successful recovery.

What Can I Do at Home?physical therapy in manorville ny

It’s important to have a healthy routine when recovering. This routine should include exercise and a healthy diet. Simple exercises help to promote blood flow and prevent blood clots. Exercises can be as simple as squeezing your thighs together or walking. Paying attention to your diet and weight allows for a healthy body and less weight and tension that is put on the prosthesis.

A Good Balance

Too much stress on the body is not good. There needs to be a good balance between body movement and relaxation. Although your body must have movement, it is also important that the body has time to heal and recover properly. Within Normal Limits, physical therapy in manorville ny has several doctors willing to help distinguish the correct balance for each patient. Each patient is different and requires different needs to recover properly.

Within Normal Limits Physical Therapy in Manorville NY

It’s important to realize that walking will not be the easiest thing to do at first. It will take time to be back on your feet and move as you once did. Making the home easily accessible for the condition that you will be in is an excellent way to set your home up for the recovery process. Such as ensuring that it will not be difficult to get to the bathroom or even get a cup of water when thirsty. Schedule an appointment with us today for more tips and information on the recovery process. Discover how our team can help you recover from your total hip replacement today!