The Answer to Your Aches and Pains

The Answer to Your Aches and Pains

Are you experiencing pain from an old injury or perhaps an unexplained new ache? Physical therapy might be the answer. It is non-invasive and helps reduce pain, improve flexibility, and prevent future injuries. If you want to be stronger and start living pain-free, check out our office of physical therapy Huntington Station, NY.  There are two types of physical therapy, standard physical therapy and occupational physical therapy. Classic physical therapy focuses on balance, flexibility, and strength training, while occupational physical therapy focuses on the fine motor skills you need to do basic tasks. Depending on your goals and condition, a physical therapist will provide a treatment plan that incorporates just what you need. Visit Within Normal Limits PT for physical therapy Huntington Station, NY. 

Standard Physical Therapy Physical Therapy Huntington Station NY

The goals of standard physical therapy are focused on helping with mobility, pain management, and overall health. These include:

If you have a pre-existing condition, physical therapy can help decrease your symptoms and avoid having to undergo surgery. With consistent physical therapy as a part of your routine, you will have stronger muscles and more flexibility, which means that you are less likely to injure yourself in the future. 

Occupation Physical Therapy

The occupational and physical therapy goals are about performance and focusing on fine motor skills. The goals include: 

  • Improve safety and efficiency in completing daily tasks.
  • Providing independence 
  • Greater independence can improve mental health when an individual feels empowered to take care of simple tasks by themself.

Occupational therapy can provide targeted exercises to help improve specific areas after an accident or injury. Examples include picking up objects or getting dressed. The specific activities will depend on the needs of the patient. Visit within normal limits physical therapy for more information.

Visit Within Normal Limits Physical Therapy Huntington Station NY

Physical therapy can improve your quality of life and help you get to your next adventure. You can start living with more energy, mobility, and pain-free. If you are ready to start treatment, make an appointment for physical therapy Huntington Station, NY.