Sprained Thumb Treatment

Sprained Thumb Treatment

The thumb may be overlooked, but it is critical for many activities that we take for granted. The thumbs are essential for grasping objects. You use your thumbs when carrying bags, driving, and eating. A thumb sprain may seem like a minor injury, but depending on the severity, ligament is torn it can significantly impact your daily life. Fortunately, thumb sprain injuries are not life-threatening and they are treatable. If you recently sprained your thumb, visit physical therapy Huntington Station, NY to get evaluated. Visit our website to learn more about how we can help you.

Causes physical therapy huntington station ny

Thumb injuries are often caused by sports that utilize the hand often. Skiing is especially predisposed for thumb injury because However, other trauma incidents that cause injury to the hand can lead to a thumb joint sprain. These incidents can occur, especially with children who run around more often. For example, a slip and fall, or if the thumb and hand gets caught in a closed door. If you are concerned about a thumb sprain, visit our Huntington Station, NY physical therapy. 


The treatment for a ligaments in the thumb sprain will depend on the severity. There are 3 levels of a thumb sprains involve: 

  • Grade 1 
    • This is a mild sprain that causes slight pain and swelling.
    • Treatment for this level is primarily resting the thumb and applying ice to reduce swelling. 
  • Grade 2
    • This is a moderate sprain. This level begins to impact mobility in addition to pain and swelling.
    • Treatment for this level includes immobilizing the thumb with a splint and doing exercises for flexibility and strength.
  • Grade 3
    • This is a severe sprain, which causes the joint to become loose. It may become difficult to grasp objects without treatment.
    • Treatment for this level may require surgery and more extensive physical therapy. 

If you hurt your thumb, you should visit Within Normal Limits physical therapy to find out the level of the sprain. 

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