Signs Piriformis Is Healing

Signs Piriformis Is Healing


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Piriformis is a neuromuscular disorder where the piriformis muscle compresses the sciatic nerve. The Piriformis is a flat muscle in the buttocks towards the top of the hip joint. Your Piriformis helps stabilize the hip joint and rotate the thigh away from the body. This muscle allows us to walk, shift our weight between each foot, and balance ourselves. Most motions we use with our legs and hips involve the piriformis muscle, and it is vital to take the proper time to heal any injuries in the area. At Within Normal Limits PT, our specialists can treat your piriformis through physical therapy near Bellmore NY. 

Symptoms of a Pulled Piriformisphysical therapy near Bellmore NY

Symptoms of a pulled Piriformis can be caused by trauma to the area, spending long periods sitting, or engaging in long-distance running, or climbing stairs. 

When your Piriformis is not properly healing, some common symptoms of a pulled piriformis include pain, tingling, or numbness in the buttocks towards the upper hip.

Signs Piriformis Is Healing At Physical Therapy Near Bellmore NY

Our physical therapists will use a variety of stretches and exercises to relieve the pain caused by a pulled piriformis. These stretches and exercises will help to reduce the compression on the sciatic nerve and increase the range of motion in the hip and upper leg region. A pull piriformis typically heals in a few weeks with the proper treatment. However, a more severe case may take six weeks or longer, depending on whether or not surgery is needed. Our doctors at Within Limits PT can treat your pain and help you find relief through physical therapy near Bellmore NY.

Preventing A Pulled Piriformis

A pulled piriformis can be an uncommon but very serious injury when affecting the muscles we use in our everyday lives. To prevent a pulled piriformis, it is crucial to warm up properly before physical activity and use the correct form. A few tips your doctor will most likely recommend are exercising on flat, even surfaces or wearing flatter shoes when lifting heavier weights. An uneven surface can cause pain and lead to injury. Additionally, using proper posture and warming up will help prevent a pulled piriformis. 

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