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Welcome to Within Normal Limits Merrick Physical Therapy, where your recovery is our top priority. We have locations all over Long Island for your convenience. Contact our professional team today to learn how we can help you! We pride ourselves on same-day appointments, with affordability, availability, and reachability. We offer a comprehensive range of orthopedic physical therapy and rehabilitation services. our licensed physical therapist are highly trained, skilled professionals. our PTs specialize in ortho, neuro, manual, and geriatric therapies. we manage all phases of your recovery from soft tissue injury to fractures to surgeries and all therapy-related needs. Don’t wait! Get the help you need from our entire staff!

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Giovanni Dinsay, PT
Marvin Cajoles, PTA

About Giovanni Dinsay, PT

Giovanni Dinsay, PT


Giovanni Dinsay, the best physical therapist in merrick, has over 20 years of experience in licensed physical therapy. Throughout his career, he has worked in a variety of settings from hospitals, nursing homes, home care, manual therapy, sport injuries, skilled nursing facilities, and outpatient clinics specializing in orthopedics, sports medicine, and work injuries. He founded the company 12 years ago and has grown tremendously in the last year.

About Marvin Cajoles, PTA

Marvin Cajoles, PTA


Marvin studied at Cortland University in upstate New York where he got his bachelors degree in Exercise Science. He graduated from the physical therapy assistant program at Nassau Community College. He is also an athletic trainer and works with athletes in the sport they are playing. On his spare time he likes to go to the gym and hangout with friends and family.

How Do You Activate Lazy Glutes

Glute activation is far more important than just athletic training. Glue activation is key to success in improving speed, acceleration, and explosive power. Athletes with stronger glutes perform better than those with weaker glutes. But, have you thought about the real benefits? Having strong glutes can help improve posture, reduce any chances of injury, athletic performance, and your overall quality of life. Within Normal Limits, the best physical therapy practice in Merrick ny experience treating patients is available today to teach you more about your body and how to strengthen and help you overcome your pain. Call us today for experiences physical therapy at WNL!

What Are Your Glutes?Merrick Physical Therapy

Glutes are the muscles in your butt. It’s made of 3 large parts. This consists of the gluteus maximus, which is the largest part, it shapes your butt and keeps us upright when we sit or stand. The gluteus medius is the muscle in between the Maximus and the minimus, it helps with the rotation of the leg and the stabilization of the pelvis. Lastly, we have the gluteus minimus the smallest, which also helps with the rotation of limbs and stabilization of the pelvic.

How Do I Wake Up My Glutes?

Waking up your glutes comes with a variety of exercises. Our clinic offers Merrick Physical Therapy. Our physical therapists are highly skilled professionals who work with a compressive range of orthopedic physical therapy and rehabilitation services. You can contact us today to begin strengthing your glutes with us at Within Normal Limits PT. Our trained physical therapists are friendly and always helpful and help you recover an help you manage your acute and chronic pain!

What Causes Weak Glutes?

 There are many reasons why our glutes can weaken over time. The main reason for weak glutes comes from how we live our lives. We spend most of our day sitting at desk jobs working a 9-5 or we’re sitting through long school hours. Another reason for having weak glutes is how we rely on other muscles throughout the day, because of this our glutes are overly tight. Understanding how to release muscle tightness and ensure proper muscle activation is important.

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Merrick Physical Therapy provides and is devoted to helping you feel the best you can. Your butt is capable of generating an incredible amount of power and we want to show you how to use your glutes properly and reduce your chance of injury. Our physical therapists are more than happy to help contact us today to schedule an appointment! If you or anyone in need of PT, our team enjoys treating every patient to help to relieve pain at our great facility in Merrick NY.

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Stretching A Sore Piriformis Muscle With Our Physical Therapist?

The piriformis muscle is an external rotator of the hip along with other muscles that also help with the rotation of the hip such as the superior and inferior gemellus, quadratus femoris, obturator internus, and externus. The piriformis muscle rotates the femur during the hip extension and abducts the femur during flexion of the hip. Here at Within Normal Limits, we offer an outpatient physical therapy clinic in Merrick ave. Schedule with us today to begin working to strengthen your muscles, with our experienced staff who worked in a variety of injuries.

Should You Stretch A Sore Piriformis Muscle?Merrick Physical Therapy

Absolutely! Stretching and exercising is the go-to best treatment for piriformis muscle. We stretch the piriformis muscle to reduce tenderness so it’s not irritating the sciatic nerve. The stretch will loosen tight muscles and result in lengthening and creating flexibility.

Piriformis Muscle Stretches At Merrick Physical Therapy

  • Knee-to-shoulder piriformis stretch
  • Ankle- over-knee piriformis stretch
  • Bridge
  • Side leg lifts
  • Clamshell
  • Facedown leg raises
  • Standing small range squat
  • range of motion

Ways To Avoid Piriformis Syndrome And Release Pain 

Sitting for too long puts pressure on your piriformis muscle and sciatic nerve. Avoid sitting for long periods. You should also avoid sitting exercises such as the bike or rowing machine. If you work a sitting job, you should stand every half hour to release pressure on the piriformis muscle. Some other ways of improvement as well as avoiding this pain is to do aerobic exercise, which helps with the overall well-being of the hip muscle. The best aerobic exercise would be walking or jogging if there’s no pain. Core exercises such as crunches, leg lifts, and planks can help support your piriformis. A foam roller can help locate the spot triggering pain and release the muscle. We definitely recommend Yoga and pilates, which involve lots of stretching and can help many other tight muscles for patient care.

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Overall if you are in pain, you should find physical therapy from new york. At Within Normal Limits Merrick Physical Therapy is here to help you improve, maximize movement, manage your pain, and help you reduce your chances of needing post-surgical and felt better. Visit us today by scheduling your appointment!

How to Stretch Tight Pelvic Floor Muscles

Like every other muscle, the pelvic floor muscles can develop issues when exhausted. This can be very agonizing and lead to the muscles not functioning as they should. Subsequently, you can, over time, develop pelvic floor problems with bladder, intercourse, bowels, and much more. If you suffer from this condition and are looking for Merrick Physical Therapy, request an appointment today!

Tight Pelvic Floor Muscles:

When your pelvic muscles are exhausted, they will feel tender and even throb as the muscles begin to tighten. On the off chance that you feel continuous pain towards your pelvic floor, it can start to affect your everyday life. Certain exercises and treatments can irritate this and make matters worse as too much pressure is often put on the muscles. You have to be cautious when searching for a safe physical therapist for this very reason. Within Normal Limits, puts your health and safety first.

Symptoms Of Tight Pelvic Floor Muscles:merrick Physical Therapy

  • Pain while urinating
  • Difficulty passing a bowel movement
  • Pain during intercourse
  • Constipation
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Abdominal bloating and/or tenderness
  • Muscle spasms
  • Recurring Urinary Tract Infections

Treatment At Merrick Physical Therapy:

There are many different treatments for stretching out pelvic floor muscles. Many doctors absolutely recommend practicing on your breathing as a first step! Deep breathing includes the stomach and pelvic floor cooperating to advance the unwinding of this muscle. The objective is to diminish pelvic agony, which can assist the muscles with working better to aid in alleviating the pain. A physical therapist can offer many different procedures. One of the procedures is called Biofeedback, which utilizes charts and sounds to screen muscle development. It can assist with explaining how your pelvic floor muscles move and how solid they are. Treatment options also include pelvic massaging, heat, point treatment, and more to prevent pain or spasms from continuing. These treatments specifically target the tightness and allow the pelvic floor muscles to unwind as much as possible.

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If you feel that you have tried everything, are still having issues with your pelvic floor muscles, and are looking for Merrick professional Physical Therapy, contact us today or book an appointment online!

Can You Tear Your Piriformis Muscle?

Merrick Physical TherapyAre you dealing with pain in your buttocks that run down your legs from your lower back pain? You may be dealing with piriformis syndrome. Depending on the type this condition arises as a result of a piriformis muscle being torn, overused, and underused, as well as other conditions and injuries. If you think you may have torn your piriformis muscle, consider physical therapy merrick ny for playing sports injuries. Visit us at Within Normal Limits Physical Therapy services. Our expert staff offers personalized care and quality care for your specific injuries.

How Can You Tear Your Piriformis Muscle?

The piriformis muscle is constantly at work. Many of the movements we make daily force the piriformis to exert itself. For some people, with athletes and weightlifters as prime examples, the piriformis works even harder and for even longer. Nonetheless, the piriformis is constantly being used. Many causes of piriformis injuries can occur in many different scenarios. Stay informed with the examples of the causes are listed below:

  • An abrupt twist of the hip.
  • A hard fall.
  • A direct impact.
  • A vehicle accident.
  • A penetration wound that reaches the muscle.
  • Running.
  • Biking.
  • Climbing stairs excessively.
  • Lifting heavy objects.

You can also get piriformis syndrome by keeping the muscle too inactive. Prolonged sitting and lack of stretching/movement can cause damage similar to that caused by injuries sustained by activity/overuse.


If you have piriformis syndrome, the pain won’t emerge solely in the buttocks. It will radiate down the back of the legs into the feet, similar to sciatica pain. If you’re experiencing these symptoms and need Physical Therapy in Merrick, NY, visit Within Normal Limits Physical Therapy. We’re friendly and helpful, and we will help develop a personalized treatment exercise program for our patients and clients.

  • Numbness and tingling in the buttocks radiate down the back pain of one or both legs.
  • Tenderness of the buttocks.
  • Difficulty or inability to sit comfortably.
  • Pain while sitting that gets worse as you sit for longer.
  • Pain in the buttocks and legs that get worse with activity.
  • loss of function in muscles and tendons.
  • Join pain management

Treatment Options At WNL Lower Back Pain Treatment in Merrick NY

There is no quick fix for a piriformis tear. However, most cases only require periods of rest combined with heat and ice treatment on the legs and buttocks. When these remedies are ineffective, you may need physical therapy. In either event, we recommend you consult with a doctor so that you can approach your recovery as efficiently as possible.

Lower Back Pain Treatment in Merrick NY

If you think you may have a torn piriformis muscle and are looking for Merrick Physical Therapy, contact Within Normal Limits Physical Therapy today.