How Does Physical Therapy Help Arthritis?

How Does Physical Therapy Help Arthritis?

physical therapy in calverton nyPhysical therapy is a treatment option for patients who have arthritis that studies have shown to reduce pain and functional disability. Physical therapists work one-on-one with patients and create customized treatment options based on individual needs and abilities. Physical therapy aims to help manage symptoms by increasing mobility and range of motion of the afflicted areas of the body. At Within Normal Limits Physical Therapy in calverton ny, their experts are available to diagnose and treat your arthritis issues today. Here are some of the benefits and best forms of physical therapy for arthritis!

 Benefits of Physical Therapy for Arthritis:

Through a physical examination, a physical therapist will be able to address posture, muscle imbalances, and body mechanics issues that can become exaggerated due to arthritis. Your therapist will then look to create a customized stretching and exercise program to address these issues, all to ease pain, increase range of motion, and improve preferred movement patterns. This individualized treatment plan is ideal for dealing with specific ailments and areas of weakness often associated with arthritis. 

 Working with a physical therapist will also have the secondary benefits of:

  • Improved fitness levels
  • Increased endurance
  • Increased flexibility
  • Increased balance, stability, and coordination
  • Decreased fatigue levels

 Best Types of Physical Therapy for Arthritis:

Physical therapy for arthritis will generally fall into exercise and stretching. 

  1. Exercise programs focus on strengthening your joints and muscles to allow your body to handle more stress. More muscle mass and strength allow for more shock absorption from everyday activities.
  2. Stretching routines focus on lengthening muscle fibers for flexibility and range of motion improvements. These routines will allow for fuller, more natural movement patterns.

 Each type has its benefit and is usually implemented in unison with each other through a comprehensive physical therapy program. 

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