How Do I Know If I Strained My Back?

How Do I Know If I Strained My Back?

A strain is when you tear or injure a muscle or tendon. In the case you suddenly feel pain or cramp in your back consistently, you may have sprained your back. Back problems are a common issue that healthcare professionals often hear. If you are searching for help at Wyandanch Physical Therapy, look no further; at Within Normal Limits Physical Therapy, we will provide all treatments necessary to live happily. Wyandanch Physical Therapy


  • Overuse of a muscle
  • Overstretching¬†
  • Heavy lifting
  • Intense sports/ workouts
  • Poor posture¬†
  • Falling/ landing on your back

Back Strain Symptoms

If you have strained your back, your muscles will feel sore, achy, tight, and painful. With movements, the pain can also worsen. You can also experience muscle cramps or spasms, where your muscles contract by themselves. You may not be able to sit straight without feeling a stiff sensation in your back. The pain can also be felt near your butt if you strain your lower back. These symptoms can last from 3 to 4 weeks, but they can be cured in days if it’s mild. You should seek medical care if the pain persists for one to two weeks.

Back Treatment At Wyandanch Physical Therapy

It would help if you were not resting in bed as a way to heal. You want to do some light exercise. Not only can you ice your back, but you can also apply heat after 2 to 3 days of icing. The heat will provide your muscles with relaxation and increase blood flow. If the pain persists, you should reach out to medical professionals and get physical therapy to strengthen your muscles and engage in healthy physical activity. 

Within Normal Limits – Wyandanch Physical Therapy

Back problems are a common issue that many people go through. You do not want to push off treatments if the pain is not going away and is getting in the way of completing your day-to-day activities. If you are near Wyandanch Physical Therapy is accessible, affordable, and convenient Within Normal Limits. We hold our vision to treat everyone at a great value. We offer same-day appointments, so come schedule one today!