Hip Labrum Tears

Hip Labrum Tears

A hip labral tear is an injury to the labrum, a soft tissue covering the hip socket known as the acetabulum. The labrum is part of a ball-and-socket joint located on your hip, allowing the femoral head to operate smoothly without touching the hip. Several issues can cause a labral tear. This includes any injury, structural problems, or degenerative issues. If you’re looking for physical therapy near Bellmore NY, contact Within Normal Limits, as we have a location near you in Merrick.

Causes Of A Hip Labral TearPhysical Therapy Near Bellmore NY

  1. Structural Ailments – Abnormal hip movement caused by other conditions, like femoroacetabular impingement. When the top of the femur imperfectly fits into the hip, it can cause long-term groin pain and limited mobility. This is the most common cause of labral tears.
  2. Injury – Damage to the hip can cause labral tears. This is most common for athletes or people who play certain sports that have persistent high-contact movements. This can include soccer, ice hockey, football, etc.
  3. Degenerative Conditions – Osteoarthritis is a cartilage degeneration and the underlying bone, most common in middle age and onward. It causes pain and stiffness in the joints. As the cartilage wears away, it becomes more prone to tearing and can lead to a hip labral tear. 

Symptoms Of A Hip Labral Tear

If you think you have a labral tear, you may be able to self-diagnose by looking at the following symptoms. Long-term hip pain or stiffness will occur in the groin or buttocks area, experiencing a locking or clicking sound in the hip area when you move, or overall instability when standing. These symptoms may be more evident when bending, exercising, or playing sports. An official diagnosis can be made through X-Rays or MRIs.


Once there is a tear in your labrum, it will not heal on its own. Non-surgical measures can help manage symptoms of a minor tear. This includes over-the-counter pain medicine such as anti-inflammatory drugs and ibuprofen. Medication injections and physical therapy on the hip muscles may also ease symptoms. If the labrum tear is severe or symptoms continue to worsen, you may be recommended for surgery. The surgery is usually done arthroscopically, in which the doctor makes small cuts in the hip and uses instruments to make repairs. Repairs are made by stitching and/or reconstructing of the damaged tissue. 

Contact Within Normal Limits Physical Therapy Near Bellmore NY

A healthy labrum is crucial to performing everyday tasks and activities as a vital part of your hip joint. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms and are looking for an official diagnosis or treatment, contact our health professionals and get the help you need! If you’re looking for physical therapy near Bellmore NY, contact Within Normal Limits, as we have a location near you in Merrick. Click here to schedule an appointment with our team today!