Differentiating Between Sprains and Strain

Differentiating Between Sprains and Strain

The symptoms and causes of a sprain and strain are much alike. Both can cause a muscle spasm, difficulty with range of motion, limited flexibility, or pain around the affected joint. Tendons have functions that move the bone and can lead to a strained injury. Ligaments are fibrous connective tissue that attaches the bones and functions to hold structures together and keep them stable. The tearing of a ligament can happen when an injury results in a sprain. At Within Normal Limits PT, our specialists can treat your sprained injuries through physical therapy in Manorville NY. 

Sprains physical therapy in Manorville NY

Sprains cause injuries to the tissues and ligaments, affecting how your bones connect. This can most commonly happen to any area of your body that issues a lot of pressure on your connected bones, ligaments, and tissues. The most common areas of a sprain are on your ankle, wrist, or ACL.


A strains result in more from an injury to the muscles and tendons, causing pulls or tears more commonly to your lower back area and hamstrings. Strains can lead to sore or stiff muscles affecting your mobility and strength. Without treatment, it can be dangerous in affecting other parts of your body. The most common causes of sprains or strains result in:

  • Repeating the same movement/motion.
  • Overexercise/overworking yourself
  • Heavy lifting.
  • Slipping and falling.
  • Athletic activities.

Treatment At Physical Therapy in Manorville NY

Our physical therapists will use a variety of stretches and exercises to relieve the pain caused by a pulled or torn muscle. These stretches and exercises will help to reduce the compression on the tendons, muscles, and ligaments to increase the range of motion in your lower back, legs, or anywhere else there is pain. Our physical therapists at Within Limits PT can treat your pain and help you find relief through physical therapy near Manorville, NY. 

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If you have injuries that result in a strain, the physical therapists at Within Normal Limits PT can help you with our treatments. Our physical therapists can use therapy near Manorville NY, to relieve your pain and provide tips on preventing further injury. To schedule an appointment, contact us today!