At-Home Exercises For Total Knee Replacement

At-Home Exercises For Total Knee Replacement

Total knee replacement is an essential surgery for those that must endure it. The surgery includes replacing the knee with a metal or cadaver knee, giving the patient back their joyful mobility. It is often easier for many patients to attend physical therapy closer to home, sometimes even at home. Therefore, if you are looking for Physical Therapy Huntington Station NY, contact Within Normal Limits PT to schedule an appointment today!

Why Exercise After Surgery?Physical Therapy Huntington Station NY

Exercising your knee after surgery is a major component of healing your knee. It can be the difference between reattaining full mobility or simply partial mobility. Normally, the exercises are intended to stretch muscles, ligaments and increase blood flow to the area to aid healing. Patients are ecstatic to be able to work out at home as the stressful trek to an office is removed.


One exercise, in particular, are Quadricep Sets. Put, these aid in strengthening the muscles that support your knee. First, tightening your thigh muscle can exercise the muscles. After holding that, attempt to straighten your knee and leg. Then, repeat this exercise ten times during two minutes until your knee is fatigued. 

Straight Leg Raises

First, tighten your thigh muscles with your leg straightened on your bed. Then, lift the leg in the air (slightly) for roughly five to ten seconds. After holding that position for the allotted time, slowly lower your leg. Finally, repeat the exercise until your leg is fatigued entirely. In total, the leg raises should be done for three minutes.

Ankle Pumps

Importantly, if you’re for physical therapy Huntington Station, contact Within Normal Limits PT to learn these exercises today. Ankle Pumps can be done at home as well. Move your foot up and down by contracting and extending your calf and shin muscles, like using a calf extension machine. The exercise should be done for two to three minutes, two to three times an hour. One rule of thumb is to do this every commercial break if watching television. For the best results, continue this exercise until the swelling in your leg has subsided.

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Exercising after total knee replacement seems like a lot. However, total knee replacements can aid in healing sooner and better than before. Contact Within Normal Limits Physical Therapy Huntington Station NY today to schedule an appointment!